Aur obținut din sticlă prin metode alchimice

Alchemy — Making gold from glass

Autorii ne prezintă un proces alchimic proprietar de transmutare a sticlei în aur sau în alte elemente chimice, cu un procent de transmutare care depășește concentrația celor mai bogate zăcăminte de pe Pământ. Evident, nu toate detaliile sunt divulgate, dar unele sunt sugerate: procesul este dependent de temperatură și frecvență. În principiu se folosește un cuptor cu microunde care topește amestecul preparat în prealabil. Probabil că în timpul topirii amestecul este supus unui câmp electromagnetic sau scalar cu anumite proprietăți care facilitează transmutarea alchimică. Una din alternativele la proiectul Roșia Montană…

Blue Eagle Alchemy, with alchemist and Josef Tyles and CEO Martin Burger, a New Energy Congress advisor, takes waste material (e.g. ground up beer bottles) and create new precious elements. Burger says the process involves LENR. They are turning beer bottles into gold.

After writing that, Martin provided this correction:

Reviewed your blue eagle page and find it a bit misleading to say we turn beer bottle glass into gold. We use silica dioxide as an artificial barren seed ore crystalline Interferometry phase change step down for super light, creating the elemental bloom condition for the precious elements to be created.

John Milewski, who is a regular speaker at the TeslaTech conference has been involved in this project.

Thanks to Alan Smith of the U.K. for bringing this to our attention.

The video explains:

“The process starts by wet grinding beer bottles in the hammer mill from the local bottle recycling company. The ground glass is weighed and mixed with other minor seed ore components and put in a crucible, which is inserted in an insulation pack and placed in a microwave oven for micro smelting. The microwave ovens are modified with process technologies, permitting us to control the temperature profile at the desired target for the particular metal we are making. Seed ore is held at temperature for an hour and a half setting the prescribed precious metal bloom condition, and then quench poured into a pail of water. At this point, it can be reground and hydraulically separated to recover the gold; or ran through a fire assay to determine the yield of the burn. […]

“This commercial process produces very high commercial yields. Convention would have it, that this is totally impossible. The substrate that we use — the waste products — for our seed ores contain zero parts per billion trace elements. These are barren. […]

“At a time when the Earth’s resources are being depleted faster than ever in our history, this Blue Eagle technology will ultimately lead to a Dial-a-metal frequency production of precious elements. It will simply be much cheaper and cleaner to create new elements, than to mine them and dig them from the bowells of the earth.

“The Blue Eagle technology is temperature- and frequency-specific. When these conditions are set, and achieved, we create what we call an ‘Elemental Bloom Condition’. In that condition, these new elements are formed.

“Repeated lab trials to date have shown this process to be very economical; and, in fact, the yields that we’re talking about far exceed the richest gold mines on Earth today. Typically, a rich gold min might be anywhere between 1/4 and maybe at the highest, 1 ounch per ton of gold yield. We’re talking, from waste product, seed ores, ranges of yields from 200 to 400 ounces per ton. […] We haven’t even found the upper limit yet. We know there are further gains and further yields to be achieved.

“We’re working with kitchen microwave ovens here, not suited to the process. When we have the funding and the support, we will be able to use specifically engineered and designed apparatus, and take these yields even to higher numbers.


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